Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A real dance floor stopper...

By Jeff Hayes

Yep kids... they can be a real dance floor stopper...

Now you may be saying, c'mon Jeff, you don't like kids? That answer is short sweet and to the point; YES, I love kids. In fact, Cindy and I have five total and all boys at that. And, I do think the kids running circles on the dance floor during dinner is cute for about 15 seconds then ok, where are the parents? LOL

Fact is that most party goers will refrain from even attempting to hit the dance floor while out of control kids are using it as a jungle gym. So, here are some websites that have some great ideas that you can do for the kids at your reception that will make it kid friendly for all...

The TLC Network                                       

The Knot

Kid Friendly Weddings.com

Bridal Musings


Martha Stewart

I hope that you found something that was an interest to you.

Happy planning!

Written by Jeff Hayes (Owner of The Party Machine) and he can be reached at jhayes@partymachine.com

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