Thursday, July 4, 2013

Location, Location, Location... (Part 2)

By Jeff Hayes

Well, there goes grandma...

I hope that you had a chance to read my other blog (Location, Location, Location... (Part 1) in regards to the location of the DJ/MC table, if not, just make sure to place the DJ by the dance floor (and not in the corner) and you will be just fine.

With that, there is a 2nd location that we need to speak about... and, that is the location of the bride during the reception. While I understand that you are pulled in every direction imaginable, there is one thing that you must keep in mind, and that's your location.

Where you are standing can send a negative signal or
give guests a chance to leave quickly.

The exact spot that you hang out can and will affect the flow and success of the reception. Let's face it, the older attendees are definitely going to be the ones that cut out first. I have studied this for years and I have finally concluded (after the loss of much needed sleep) that they are not staying for 4 hours and there is nothing that any of us can do about it.

However, these three locations are a MUST NOT DO for any bride that wants a great reception. Here are three locations that you want to avoid on your wedding day...

1) Standing still on the dance floor 
2) Standing near the door
3) Standing outside of the room for a prolonged period of time

If you stand and hug your guests at any of these three locations, it will send a definite message that the end could be near.

The dance floor should be an place of excitement and energy and not boredom. If you stop dancing to hug people it says that you are not into the music and it may cause others to stop dancing as well. I have said many times, it takes two people to start a party but only one to stop it. Does this mean you have to dance all night, no... of course not, just don't park the "thanks for coming" wagon on the dance floor.

Standing by the door and out in the hall simply provides an opportunity for exit when the guests come over to speak to you or the groom. It's important to stay visible in the room and not disappear for long periods of time. This should go without saying, but we see it happen may times especially when the photographer wants MORE pictures up on the roof or out by the 19th hole (but that's another subject all by itself.)

Stay visible and look excited, it's easy to get worn out with all the excitement of the long day. This should be your finest hour, so cherish it and make it work.

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Written by Jeff Hayes (Owner of The Party Machine) and he can be reached at

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Location, Location, Location... (Part 1)

By Jeff Hayes

We have heard it before many times, especially if you are in business, it's Location, Location, Location. Where you are located can be one of the MOST important decisions that you will ever make when you are trying to connect your business with the public.

Well, the same applies with your decision of where you will set up your DJ/MC for business with your guests at your reception.

Over the years, one of our biggest challenges is when a bride (or whomever she is listening to) decides to locate the 'ole DJ table far away from the dance floor. We have been right up on the edge of the dance floor (which is a great spot) to waaaaaaay over in the corner where we barely even have enough light to read our notes and every place in between.

I would like to take a moment to publicly share an inside secret; a DJ and MC MUST and I repeat MUST be able to connect with your crowd in order to get them involved. I understand that some brides want to sit right beside the dance floor for the less than an hour they will sit there during dinner. But, let's face it, that all important LOCATION for the betterment of the party should be reserved for the entertainment

The location of the dance floor is paramount to the success of a great party and the DJ/MC should be located as close as they can be to the dance floor. 

There is an experience in the making when The Party Machine plans your event. Make sure to put some great thought in the design and layout of your reception room. Be sure to make the right decision so at the end of the day, when it's all said and done, you've made a decision that is best for the outcome of the event.

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Written by Jeff Hayes (Owner of The Party Machine) and he can be reached at

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A real dance floor stopper...

By Jeff Hayes

Yep kids... they can be a real dance floor stopper...

Now you may be saying, c'mon Jeff, you don't like kids? That answer is short sweet and to the point; YES, I love kids. In fact, Cindy and I have five total and all boys at that. And, I do think the kids running circles on the dance floor during dinner is cute for about 15 seconds then ok, where are the parents? LOL

Fact is that most party goers will refrain from even attempting to hit the dance floor while out of control kids are using it as a jungle gym. So, here are some websites that have some great ideas that you can do for the kids at your reception that will make it kid friendly for all...

The TLC Network                                       

The Knot

Kid Friendly

Bridal Musings


Martha Stewart

I hope that you found something that was an interest to you.

Happy planning!

Written by Jeff Hayes (Owner of The Party Machine) and he can be reached at