Sunday, January 9, 2011

If you want to $pend thousand$ of dollar$ on your Wedding Reception just to kill it, well, right here is where you can start.

By Jeff Hayes

I am amazed at the number of brides that allow their guests to be dumped to the parking lot for a fake leave.

The idea is to interrupt the reception, move all the guests outside, fake a leave and then move all the guests back inside to continue the reception. You may actually be saying why would you do this?

Basically it's to allow the video or photo guy to bail out early, well guess what? So do your guests. We have seen upwards of 40-60% of the guests not come back in after a fake leave. In fact, I have seen a few parties die in the hands of a fake leave.

Here is a free piece of advice so you don't have to worry about this happening... ready... hire someone that will agree up front to stay till the end of your reception. C'mon, this is your special day right? They can hurry home to watch tv some other time.

Written by Jeff Hayes (Owner of The Party Machine) and he can be reached at


  1. I cannot agree more. As a photographer and videographer, I hate fake exits. When I film a wedding, I want to capture the moment...not orchestrate them. Do they fake dance too?

  2. Good point, thank your for sharing. Brenda~